DMC-1000מיועד לפרויקטים

מארז ממירים לתמיכה ב- עד 16 ממירים + אופציה לספק כח נוסף ליתירות


The chassis allows you to install up to 16 media converters. You can start with one media converter, each equipped with its own power supply. With the growth of your needs, you can mount the chassis into the rack and install your media converters in the chassis. Each media converter housing is easily removed and inserted into the PC card chassis.

Chassis and Power Supply
The chassis lets you install multiple media converters in a rack along with the network devices for which you want to convert the data environment. This saves space, and your SKS would look neat. The chassis comes with its own universal power supply. You can also install an additional power supply.

Installing the Media Converter, individually or in the chassis
Media converters convert signals from one medium to transfer data to another. This allows you to increase the distance between two devices, designed for shorter distances, such as twisted pair category 5, through fiber-optic cable without compromising performance. All media converters in this series are available in a separate metal enclosure with status indicators and its own power supply. They can be used as a separate device or with chassis. If you are installing them in the chassis, you need to remove the metal casing and install a PC card into the slot chassis. Instead of individual adapters in this case will be used the power supply chassis. All media converters can be replaced by a "hot mode" if they are installed in the chassis.

Implementation of the media converter chassis for DMC-1000
The following implementation of the Media Converter:

    Fast Ethernet twisted pair to optical Fast Ethernet 100BASE-FX (single mode and multimode)
    optical multimode Fast Ethernet 100BASE-FX single-mode optical in
    Gigabit twisted pair - 1000BASE-T to 1000BASE-SX and 1000BASE-LX

Fiber connectors are supported such as MT-RJ and SC

מאפיינים כללים

16 slots for up to 16 media converter module and SNMP management
• Diagnostic status indicators and LNBs front panel power for each slot
• Standard 19-inch chassis rack, 2U high
• Business continuity and high availability
• Support for "hot" replacement media converter
• "Hot" replacement external power supply
• Cooling fan on the rear panel (combined with power supply)
• 1 universal internal power supply
• Optional redundant power supply for load




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